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The Summary from DrupalCamp CS 2016

Last weekend (28.-29.5.2016) I had the honour to speak at Czecho-Slovakian DrupalCamp in Bratislava, Slovakia. The joined camp was now happening for the second time, and again it was a great event. High quality talks, international audience and speakers, two tracks (Czech/Slovak and English) and focus on cutting edge technologies made it really worth visiting. Speakers like “Jam” (Jeffrey McGuire, Acquia) or Marek Matulka (Inviqa) make this camp top-notch and really unique for the communities from the region and surrounding countries.

From the talks: ...

About me - Personality test

I don't think that internet tests of any kind have too much accuracy, but I was recommended this one by my wife, and I was surprised, how close the test matched my personality :-). Here are my results:

Expert - Unique and pursuing excellence.

You have many creative thoughts. You always try to turn your ideas into fact tirelessly reaching your goal that you set for yourself. You can understand the connotative model of the outer world and think with a long-term perspective. Once you make a commitment, you make a plan and accomplish it. You are very independent and skeptical. You always have a high standard no matter if it's for yourself or other people.

How to organise to "rock&roll" with Drupal 8 ... or any other new technology

Effective learning and knowledge sharing, while maintaining productivity and engagement on commercial projects is always a challenge for professional services organisation. I was watching an Acquia Partners video about learning Drupal 8 the other day, and I found it quite interesting, inspiring and also addressing this problem. I believe the webinar provided several valid points on how to achieve the technical competence across an organisation when learning new technology.

> We love to learn, but the challenge is to share the knowledge across the organisation.

I would like to share couple of notes and principles from this webinar. I also believe that these principles apply for learning and sharing knowledge in general, not just in Drupal scope. Please understand this is not a full blog post, rather notes and ideas from webinar, I'd like to share.

$logger -> log ( “your decision” )

Target audience of short blog is all members of the agile teams.

We all know we should keep all kinds of logs and reports on the projects we do. Fortunately we don’t use PRINCE2 to manage most of our projects, because we would have to keep about trillion documents up-to-date all the time. (Btw. I’ve got nothing against PRINCE2 or PMP and they have appropriate use for certain type of projects. For example highways. :-) )

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